What makes Cohen Financial Services different?


While our primary role is investment management, we believe it is essential to coordinate our clients' investment strategies with their overall financial situation. Where appropriate, we meet with their attorneys or accountants to review their current circumstances and goals. Many financial planners take a focused approach managing portfolios according to a limited number of investment objectives, not becoming involved in other aspects of their clients` finances. We, however, obtain detailed information about our clients` assets, liabilities, income and expenses. We discuss their short and long-range goals, assess their tolerance for risk and develop a coordinated investment strategy. We also review their life insurance, disability income and long term care needs to help make any changes that might be necessary.


Our professionals have extensive backgrounds in investments, insurance, taxation, estate planning, retirement planning design and risk management. We have the knowledge and experience to create strategies, which help to optimize our clients` various goals. We maintain close contact with many of the industry`s leading investment managers with whom we discuss market and economic trends.


It seems logical to assume that before one would begin construction of a house there would be a blueprint to guide the process. We work with our clients to develop a financial blueprint which sets goals and provides benchmarks before the investing process begins or continues.


We work for our clients. As independent financial advisors, the overriding principle which guides all of our actions, is our responsibility to our clients. True objectivity is what our clients demand and that is what they get. We offer access to products from hundreds of investments and insurance companies, along with full stock and fixed income brokerage.


Each Cohen Financial Services client owns a customized, highly diversified portfolio, which is designed and monitored with an eye towards helping to achieve the unique goals and objectives of the investment plan we have developed. We believe our philosophy of financial management is unusually multifaceted. We construct a portfolio only after thorough fact-finding and research. Two clients may seem similar at first, but each has unique familial, tax and business characteristics, which may dictate quite different paths. No investment strategy, including diversification, can guarantee a profit or protect against a loss. 


We believe our orientation and over 57 year history demonstrates an enduring relationship with our clients. Our size allows us to deliver highly personalized and flexible service with close attention to detail seldom found in larger institutions. Most of our new clients are referred to us by existing clients, accountants and attorneys.