Urgent Cultural Change

September 04, 2021

Culture doesn’t change (much). Elements of human culture have been around for 100,000 years, and it persists. In fact, its persistence is a key attribute of why it works.

People like us do things like this.

In the last ten years, the culture has changed dramatically. We’re buffeted by shifts that are faster and more widespread than anyone can recall.

The combination of media, illness, technology and climate have made each week different from the one that came before.

Even early adopters and news junkies are becoming fatigued in the face of so much, so often.

And this persistent shifting in the foundations of our culture is sharpening the rhetoric and resolve of folks who would rather things stay as they imagined they were.

Our conversations and arguments about how we react to changes in the culture do little to change the forces that are shaping our future, though. Change persists whether we asked for it or not. Wishing and insisting won’t get us back to a world that’s static.

Our response to change is often all we have control over. And the way we respond is how we create the next cycle of culture and possibility.