The Squirrel, the Rat Terrier and Investing

The Squirrel, the Rat Terrier and Investing

August 19, 2020

It was a beautiful 70 degree morning, and since we continue to work from home, I tend to work on my back patio. Mornings like these are the best as it is some much needed vitamin D and just the sounds of nature are soothing to the soul. Every once in a while, I see squirrels coordinating their picket running abilities across our fence line. In our neighborhood it is like their unique "freeway". Today was no exception.

I watched as one particular squirrel speed down the fence line only to come back very cautiously with a small apple in it’s mouth from a neighbors apple tree . Our beloved (but high strung) Rat Terrier, Meeko, happened to be in the backyard at this point in time. Of course, their eyes met and the squirrel stopped dead in its tracks in a stare down of dominance. Then, the tension snapped! Meeko ran straight at the petrified squirrel on the fence. However, being substantially shorter than the 4 foot fence, there was no way she could reach the squirrel. 

The squirrel did what a squirrel would do as part of natural selection: it dropped the full apple on the ground and streaked across the fence line "freeway" and up a tree in another yard. Meeko continued to bark at the elusive squirrel. The apple dropped in our yard, Meeko looked at it and moved on.

Later in the afternoon, the squirrel returned cautiously for the apple to feed its young or store for the coming months.

This story has a lot of cliches (insert your favorite), but it had many similarities to where we are today. We tend to let one "bark" scare us into a rash decision of "dropping our apple" and running away. Fight or flight mentality. Sometimes the best thing to do is stay focused and disciplined. Stay on your own personal course to reach your ultimate goals.

We value our relationship with you!! Just know, we are here to listen and assist you.

If you have any friends or family that need a sounding board, we are here for them as well.