The ‘90s Called: 10 Ways Today Is Like, Totally the 1990s—And Why It’s Not

August 27, 2019

If you’ve been feeling a little déjà vu these days, it’s with good reason. The ‘90s are making a comeback—or so it would seem. Both then and now, we saw a reboot of Star Wars films, are watching Jerry Seinfeld on TV (Seinfeld then, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee today), and became fascinated with the evolution of digital technology. But the similarities aren’ t just cultural—today’s market environment also has some striking parallels to that previous era. Both in the ‘90s and the current decade, value stocks have lagged significantly behind growth stocks, tech stocks have led the bull market, and U.S. equities have outpaced international stocks. And while there are also stark differences, the long list of commonalities with the 1990s is noteworthy.