COVID-19 Tracker - 12-3-2020

COVID-19 Tracker - 12-3-2020

December 04, 2020

We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Positive COVID-19 tests continue to rise in the US and around the world, but in the US, deaths continue to remain below the daily peak set in early April, so the case fatality rate continues to decline.

Since February, 79.7% of COVID-19 deaths have occurred in those 65 years and older (16.5% of population). Meanwhile, those under 25 have accounted for 0.2% of COVID-19 deaths but make up 31.5% of the population. We know who needs protection, and blanketed shutdowns do not make sense.

A vaccine is getting closer and closer to being approved and distributed which is great news and should help to relieve some peoples fear. But, it's important to realize the COVID-19 survival rate at all age ranges is exceptionally high, in fact, for almost all age groups, they are higher than normal survival rates in a given year from all causes of death!

As cases continue to rise, there are more people in the hospital with COVID-19. Current hospital occupancy is 70% nationwide, some states are above that, some below, but this is just a few percent higher than the 2007-2017 average. So far, it does not appear that hospitals are being overrun.

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