COVID-19 Tracker 09-24-2021

COVID-19 Tracker 09-24-2021

September 24, 2021

We have received a significant number of requests to continue publishing the COVID-19 tracker. With the Delta variant on everyone's mind as cases rise again, we are hearing more about school closings, mask mandates, potential shutdowns, vaccine mandates, vaccine effectiveness, the list goes on and on. The vaccines have clearly led to a lower overall level of deaths during this recent wave of Delta variant cases, and that represents considerable progress. There are still many questions out there, and it's important to follow the data closely.

Note on last week's COVID-19 Tracker

We wanted to let you know the chart we used last week titled "Catastrophic Outcomes of Various Events" has been removed from last week's COVID-19 Tracker. It has come to our attention that the source data was inaccurate. The source chart we took used lifetime odds of dying from different various events, but for their calculations of being fully vaccinated and hospitalized due to COVID-19 and being fully vaccinated and dying of COVID-19 current odds were used, not lifetime odds. This is obviously apples to oranges and not correct at all! We apologize for not catching that before we published and so have decided to just remove that chart from last week's COVID-19 Tracker. We always want to use the most accurate and truthful data and definitely came up short with that chart. For that we apologize.

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